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Generate KML (Ecosystem/Ecosystem_Map_service)

    Marine ecosystems (0)
      A - Marine habitats(1)
      B - Coastal habitats(2)
    Fresh water ecosystems(3)
      C - Inland surface waters(4)
    Terrestrial ecosystems(5)
      D - Mires, bogs and fens(6)
      E - Grasslands and land dominated by forbs, mosses or lichens(7)
      F - Heathland, scrub and tundra(8)
      G - Woodland, forest and other wooded land(9)
      H - Inland unvegetated or sparsely vegetated habitats(10)
      I - Regularly or recently cultivated agricultural horticultural and domestic habitats(11)
      J - Constructed, industrial and other artificial habitats(12)
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